About Us

Jill grew up in Gainesville, Florida, a Gator to the core. She graduated from UF in 2002 and moved to south Florida for her first job. She wasn’t thrilled by the location, but she was assured there would be opportunities elsewhere within the company.

Jeff grew up, for the most part, in Atlanta, Georgia. A Yellow Jacket from birth, he graduated from Georgia Tech in 1999 and moved to south Florida for his first job as well. His plan was to give Florida a try for at least a year. “At least a year” is now over ten!

One of Jill’s co-workers when she first moved to south Florida was Jeff’s roommate at the time, and so we were introduced. Over the next few years, we spent lots of time with common friends and, increasingly, each other. In April of 2004, Jeff finally asked Jill out on a date. Our relationship grew over the next two years, and (despite a few growing pains) Jeff proposed in March of 2006. We were married on November 4, 2006, at First Christian Church of Boca Raton, Florida.

We do like to travel, and we had a few wonderful trips together during our first year of marriage. That has slowed considerably, though, as our first son, Caleb Kenneth Akins, was born on April 22, 2008, and our second son, Ethan Joshua Akins, followed a mere 20 months later on December 19, 2009.   The boys have been a huge joy in our lives (most of the time, anyway) and continue to amuse and amaze us.