9 Month Update

As usual, I am running a little behind.


Micah turned 9 months old on March 23.  He weighed in at 20 lb 4 oz, and was 29 inches long.  I don’t remember what percentiles that put him in.  They are starting to seem arbitrary anyway.  Overall, he is a big boy.  He definitely wins the chunkiest thigh award among our boys.

At 9 months old, he is into EVERYTHING . . . all the time.  I jokingly ask Jeff “Guess what Micah can get into now?”  The answer is always “Everything!”  If I leave a single child lock off a kitchen cabinet, he will find it within seconds.  One day I left one of the bottom cabinets unlocked while putting dishes away.  He got into the cabinet, of course, so I locked it.  He then ripped the lock off into 3 pieces, opened the cabinet and chewed on the crock pot cord.  At that point, I just let him.  He earned it.

He also enjoys splashing in the toilet and chewing on shoes laces.  A lot of my day is spent moving/distracting him.


We barricaded off the fireplace in the living room using the coffee table, ottoman, and leather arm chair.  The idea was to keep him away from the bricks and out of the fireplace.  Caleb and Ethan have claimed the blocked off area as their own though, and spend a lot of time back there building (usually castles, they are knights after all) with their Duplos and wooden blocks.  Micah spends a lot of time standing at the coffee table, banging, and screaming “brubru, brubru!” (his word for brother.)

Micah seems to be following in his brothers’ footsteps as far as the talking goes.  Already we have clearly identified the words “Mama,” “Dada,” “Brubru,” “hi,” and “more.”  He is definitely eager to communicate.  He also crawls and cruises like a wild man.  Walking is probably not too far off.

Although he now has 6 teeth, he is uninterested in eating finger foods.  He eats pureed food like a champ, usually screaming “more!” the whole time, but he spits out and throws any finger foods other than cheerios.

He still wins the worst and most inconsistent sleeper award.  He is up at least once a night, and often will wake up and refuse to go back to sleep for a few hours.

Luckily, he is also super cute, sweet, and cuddly.  He loves giving hugs and kisses, especially to his Mama.   Every morning, he spends several minutes giving me hugs and kisses before he will even nurse!


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