Our Little Songwriter

Each night before the boys go to bed we all read a Bible story together and sing 3 songs.  This routine has been in place since Caleb was a baby.  Tonight after we finished our third song, Caleb looked deep in thought for a minute and then said, “Before there were songs people had to make them up.”  We explained that people still create new songs all the time, and that it is called song writing.  Caleb immediately declared that he was going to write songs and made one up on the spot.  I made sure to pay close attention, so I could record his first original song!


Jesus love everyone,

loves everyone,

loves everyone,

Jesus loves everyone,

loves ev-er-y-one!

He even loves pirates,

even pirates who are bad

and when there is a war.

Jesus loves ev-er-y-one.

And God loves everyone too!

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