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Growing boys

Monday, January 31st, 2011

I know that all mothers say this often, but I really can’t believe how quickly my boys seem to be growing and changing.  All of the sudden, I realize that my little baby is quite the rambunctious toddler and my toddler is all boy.

At 13 months, Ethan wants to be just like his big brother.  Everything Caleb does Ethan does too.  He repeats what he says, and plays with the same toys the same way as much as he can.  The repeating makes for some really cute moments.  The boys often tell each other “I love you,”  or “wuv oooooo” in Ethan’s case.  Ethan also likes to play with sticks and pretend they are power tools just like Caleb does.  They spend many afternoons trimming the bushes with sticks.  Whenever, Daddy gets out power tools to work on something, the boys also get out their tools to help.  I don’t know how much it helps daddy, but it makes Mommy smile.  I really need to get some pictures of all of this, but taking pictures is not all that easy when there is only one mom to deal with two curious (and quick) little ones.

Ethan is also obsessed with his backpack.  Each Sunday, he gets to take his “pack-pack” to church.  The boys are now in different classes so it is easier if they each have their own bag.  Ethan LOVES wearing his backpack.  He proudly walks around with it on, smiling at everyone.  Of course, he gets tons of attention doing this, which also makes him happy.

Caleb has recently become a climber/jumper.  It keeps me on my toes at playgrounds.  I am already running around like a mad woman trying to keep track of both boys.  Now, it seems every time I turn around Caleb has climbed to the highest place he possibly can.  He gets this from his Dad.  The funny thing is, random people keep telling me that he seems so coordinated.  Then he will trip on grass or something.  Go figure.

Caleb will be three in April, and we are still resisting doing any sort of formal schooling with him.  He is is bright, and we enjoy watching him learning through his natural curiosity.  I love seeing how he is organizing his world.  Lately he is noticing more and more about words themselves.  He loves to point out to me when one word is part of another.  The first time he did this, he said “Diaper and diaper bag have the same word diaper in them.”  This came out of nowhere and surprised me a little.  He has also pointed out wind and windshield, star and starfruit, and Abbie and Gabbie (friends from the YMCA) to me in the last week.

One day we were at the playground, and after watching the lawnmower for a while, he said “Lawn mowers, knifes, and scissors all cut stuff.”  I know it is a simple statement, and probably only a mother would think it makes him a genius, but I was really amazed when he said this.  We haven’t really ever talked with him about grouping things, or similarities/differences before.

Another really sweet moment happened last night after we put Caleb to bed.  Over the monitor we heard him say “Thank you God for bear and for crackers, Amen.”  We often pray with Caleb before meals, and he sees us praying other times as well.   We have asked if he wants to pray, but other than sometimes mumbling along with us while we pray, he always says he doesn’t want to.  We have also told him that he can pray and talk to God whenever he wants.  This is the first time we have actually heard him praying on his own.  The sweetest part is that it was totally unprompted.  He didn’t even know we could hear him.

Quick Stats update

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I haven’t blogged in forever, and I just want to make sure I record the boys latest stats before I completely forget them.  Ethan is now at the age where he is into absolutely everything, so I really don’t have time for long blogs!

Caleb was 2 and 1/2 last October.  (That’s right October!)  He weighed in at 28lb and was 36 1/2″ tall.  That put him at 25% for weight and 70% for height.  Right about where he has always been.

Ethan turned 1 in December.  He was 21lb 3oz and 30 1/2 ” long.  (Jeff measures him at home and was adamant that he was only 29″, but the doctor said 30.5.)  That put him at 30% for weight and 75% for height.  He is turning out to be tall, thin and very blond just like  his brother!