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Ethan “Bo Beethan” “Head Bruise” “Spazamataz” Akins is 9 months old!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Last Sunday, Ethan officially turned 9 months old.  This Tuesday we went in for his check up.  He is 19lb 10oz and 29 1/2 inches long.  That puts him in the 50th percentile for weight and 95th for height.  I don’t remember what his head circumference was, but I do remember that it put him above the 95th percentile.  (The 95th percentile is the highest line on the chart.)

In short he is still growing like a weed, but has thinned out quite a bit in the last few months.  Not totally unrelated are his nicknames.  We have taken to calling his “Head Bruise” and “Spazamataz,”  well because his forehead is always covered in bruises and he is a spaz.  He does not ever slow down.  He learned how to pull up and cruise about a month ago, and he is all over the place now.  He can get to standing anywhere he can get one hand on something — anything, stable or not.  He also likes to lunge at things he cannot reach easily from where he is standing.  This combined with his “giant coconut” (as Dr. Marcus affectionately called it) led to quite a bit of bruising on his forehead.  He doesn’t really get upset by the falls though;  we aren’t raising sissies. ;)  A few people have suggested a helmet.  My thought is, “I bet Tim Tebow’s mom never made him wear a helmet when he was learning to walk.”

He loves to eat too.  He eats three meals a day, one or two snacks, and still nurses 6 or so times a day.  He is always happy to see food, and is shoving anything he can reach into his mouth before we can even get him all the way into the high chair.  I still puree some of his food, but he really enjoys feeding himself pieces of food.  Even though he still only has his two bottom front teeth, he doesn’t seem to have a problem eating table foods.

He is becoming more and more communicative.  He loves to repeat sounds back and forth with Caleb.  Often this escalates to screaming, but they are having fun.  When they both are giggling uncontrollably between screams, I can’t find it in myself to make them stop.  Ethan also likes to wave hi and bye.  He lets us know what he wants to do, which lately has been playing outside.  He will stand by the door and bang on it while fussing.  As soon as someone opens the door, he tries to squeeze through.  Then when it is time to come back inside, he throws his head back and screams.  It is funny to see him so clear on what he wants — funny because it is still not a full fledged tantrum.  (Those are not so funny these days.)  He also likes going to the playground and will giggle and squeal as we get closer to the swings.  Then, of course, he also cries when we leave, which means I now have two little boys that cry every time we leave the playground.

With all his energy, Ethan wears me out daily, but I love every minute and am trying to remember to cherish these times.  I cannot believe how quickly he is growing from a baby into a toddler!

I’m in Business!

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

A little over a year ago, when I was prego with Ethan, my friend Noelle taught me how to crochet.  I had seen a picture of a cute little bear hat that a friend of hers had crocheted, and I wanted to make one for my new baby.  After several restarts and probably a good 8 or 10 hours of work, I produced and odd shaped little hat that never really did fit Ethan.  However, I was hooked! Pun intended.

First Bear Hat

Since this time, I have crocheted several hats, for my boys, for baby gifts, for children’s gifts, and even a few adult hats.  With each hat, my work has gotten better — cleaner stitches, better understanding of working with different yarns, more creativity.

I have also branched out to projects other than hats.  I have made wash cloths, bath mits, and toys.  I keep coming back to the hats though, as I always seem to have ideas for something else I want to try.


When I first started, friends would suggest that I open an etsy shop.  At the time, each hat was taking quite a few hours.  Factor in the cost of supplies, and selling them was really not worth the money.  I have gotten much faster though.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who is a photographer emailed asking if I ever sold any of the hats I made.  She was interested in some newborn hats to use as props.  I told her I wasn’t really interested in selling them, but would be willing to trade some hats for some photos of our family.  Thus, my first deal was struck!  Here is the set of hats I made for her.

Here is a link to the first photo she has shared using one of the hats.

A few days later, I was chatting with a friend and showed her the above picture.  She asked if she could buy a hat similar to the white one as a gift for a friend who was about to have a baby.  I finally said sure, and made my first official deal.

It is still not a ton of money for the work, but I really love making the hats.  It is such a fun creative outlet.  I am always coming up with new ideas.

So . . . I have decided that I am officially selling my work!  Now the question becomes how do I want to do this?  Etsy?  Craft shows?  Word of mouth?  Ok, I will definitely go with word of mouth, but maybe one of the other ways as well :)  If anyone actually reads this, and would like to buy a hat let me know!

I also have been doing some sewing and crocheting of other objects.  Sewing is a little more involved though, and with the boys taking most of my time, I find it hard to find time to really get practice.  I did come up with the idea of sewing cute little crocheted appliques onto onesies though, and I would be more than happy to sell those!


I am excited.  Now to see if anyone actually wants to buy anything!

Imagination Run Wild

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I am always amazed at how quickly the boys learn and grow.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be their mother!

Caleb has really started spending a lot of time in pretend play lately.  He has done a little simple pretending for a while, but lately he has been coming up with more elaborate scenarios and playing at them for long periods of time.

For example, the other day, he told me his friend Livi was in his dump truck driving it around.  She drove all over the house and parked several times.  At one point I heard him saying she was getting out to go to the splash park.  She also must have driven several places she wasn’t supposed to because I heard him yell at her several times . . . “No Livi, get out of there!”

He also spends a lot of the day helping his baby doll and animals go potty.  Apparently, there are little potties all over the house.  Caleb will just plop them down on these imaginary potties, and then tell them how proud he is of them.  He often comes by to tell me, “I am going upstairs to put Elmo (or baby, giraffe, etc.) to bed.  I will be right back.”  He doesn’t actually go upstairs; he just puts them on top of the toy box.  He even sat on the couch the other day with Elmo in his lap and told me to be quiet so Elmo could eat.  He was nursing him :)

He also immediately incorporates any new information he learns into his play.  Jeff was in an accident the other day, so we had to get him a rental car.  Monday morning we dropped him off at Enterprise rental car, and explained to Caleb that Daddy needed to get a new car from them that he could drive until his car was fixed.  The rest of the day all of Caleb’s cars and trucks took turns driving to Enterprise to get new versions of themselves.

Conversations with  Caleb are also often interesting.  He talks really well for a two year old.  Trust me — I am not just saying that because I am his mother.  This gives us quite a fun view into the mind of a two year old.  Here are a couple of conversations that cracked me up recently

Caleb: “I am going to get a baby sister!”

Me:  ”You are?  Where are you getting a sister from?”

Caleb: “For Chirstmas.”

Me: “And who is going to give you this sister?”

Caleb: “Just some people.”

Me: “And where are they going to get her from?”

Caleb: “The YMCA.”

Then later that night he exclaimed, “Mandy is going to give me a baby sister!”  Our friend Mandy is currently pregnant with a baby girl.  Apparently Caleb got confused when he heard his friend Connor was going to get a baby sister.

Another funny one was after I explained to Caleb that I was making mini quiches to take to my bible study.

Caleb: “Oh no!  Elmo is so sad!”

Me: “Why is Elmo sad?”

Caleb: “Because his Mommy is not here.”

Me: “Where did his Mommy go?”

Caleb: “To bible study.  It is only for grown ups.”

It is so amazing to see how much he is changing, learning, and growing.  Motherhood really is an amazing gift!