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Who is this baby?

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Ethan was born with a head full of dark brown hair.  His newborn hair never fell out like a lot of babies.  It just grew longer and longer.  Then more hair grew in under the dark hair to fill in the gaps.  This made for quite a funny looking ‘do of long dark wisps with thicker, lighter hair underneath.

Last weekend, Jeff pointed out that Ethan’s hair was starting to make him look like “a crazy old cat lady.”  Since cute little bows weren’t allowed, I decided it was time for a hair cut.  Actually Jeff and Caleb also were overdue for haircuts, so after the boys naps Saturday afternoon, we all headed upstairs for family haircut time.

We had taken Caleb to a fancy kid salon for his first haircut.  I realized all they did was comb all of his hair out and cut it to the same length.  I decided that I could easily do this myself, and it wasn’t worth paying $15.  I have been cutting Caleb’s hair ever since — though the haircuts have gotten a little more complicated than that.

Ethan was up first.  I wet his hair, and just started cutting until it was all a little over an inch long.  Jeff was holding him, and calming remarked to Ethan, “Your Mommy is gonna cry when she steps back to look at you.”  I thought I had done something awful, but I stepped back and looked.  The haircut was fine, but my little baby looked completely different!  He was a blond!  We now have two blond boys.  At first, I was upset because my baby was so different, but it has definitely grown on me.

Everyone keeps telling me how big and grown up he looks now.  I have to keep reminding people that he is only 7 months old.  At the time, he couldn’t even crawl yet.  Of course he has started army crawling in the last 2 days!

Here are both boys with their new haircuts.

Diaper Update

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

I have neglected the blog for a few weeks.  We were all sick last week, first with a cold then a stomach virus, so blogging was not at the top of my priority list.  Here is a quit update about what we decided to do diaper wise.

I really like the ease of pocket diapers, but couldn’t decide between the Perfect Fit Fuzzibuns and the BumGenius one-size diapers.   I ended up getting some of each.  Plus in the middle of all these decisions, BumGenius came out with their 4.0 diapers.  I think these are the best of both worlds.  They are a little larger than the 3.0s, and offer both snaps and velcro.  Going forward I think this will be our diaper of choice.  We currently have enough diapers (with a few prefolds in the mix) to get through a day at a time.  More are currently in the mail, as we would like to be able to wash diapers every other day.

Over all cloth diapering has been a pretty good experience –not super gross or difficult.  I am much happier with the amount of trash we are throwing away.  Plus, cloth diapers are cute!

The Great Diapering Experiment

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Cloth diapers were something I had thought about before, but been afraid to try.  For some reason, they were on my mind again recently.  A friend of mine pointed me to a trial program, and after looking into it, I discovered several online stores with trial programs.  The more I thought about it, the more I felt compelled to give cloth diapers a try.  They are better for the environment, our budget, and our baby — all things important to me.  So, a few weeks ago, we decided to order a cloth diaper trial from Jillian’s Drawers.  It seemed like we couldn’t go wrong.  For $150, they send you one of each kind of diaper they have in stock, and you get to try them for 3 weeks.  Then when you send them back, they refund you $140.  On the other hand, you can also just keep any of the diapers you like, and they will refund you for the ones you return.

For the past week and a half, we have been cloth diapering Ethan.  I have tried a few times to put one on Caleb as well, but he won’t let me.  At this point, I am more interested in talking Caleb into using the potty and wearing underwear, so I am not really pushing the cloth diapers for him.  Over all it is going really well with Ethan.  In general, I think any type of cloth diaper could work.  We haven’t had any real problems with any of them.  I have also spent hours online reading guides and reviews of all sorts of cloth diapers.

Now, I know that we want to keep Ethan in cloth diapers, the question is just which diapers!  Here is a summary of my thoughts on the various diapers we have tried.  I would really appreciate input from any one with cloth diapering experience!

Prefolds - At first I was trying to just lay these in the diaper cover as many people suggested.  I found this to be so bulky poor Ethan was having trouble sitting up.  I did some reading on the various ways to fold them, and found that the bikini twist worked best for Ethan.  He has “generous” thighs.  This made them much more compact, and they have grown on me.  I like how easy prefolds are on the budget, but there are a few cons that I am wary about.  First, they always seem to be soaked.  No matter how little time they are on, when I go to change him the diaper is soaking wet.  They are cotton, so that also means Ethan’s skin is wet.  Since the covers seem to work well (we have both a Thirsties and Flip cover), there haven’t been any leaks.  I just worry that this will irritate his skin.  Second, though I have learned how to get a pretty good fit, it takes time to get the diaper fastened and the cover on.  Ethan is not really into staying still.

Fitted Diaper – I am honestly not sure why these exist.  We have a Thirsties “Perfect Fit” diaper.  It does the job; like I said before, everything we have tried more or less works.  However, it is super bulky and still requires a cover.  Plus, between needing the diaper and the cover, it is not cheap.  I see no real advantage here.

All in One – We have a Bum Genius all in one diaper.  At first this seemed like a great idea to me.  Until I tried to wash them.  This thing never gets dry.  I question how clean it can really get when one side is completely water proof.

Hybrid – The trial package includes a Gro-Via shell with 3 inserts.  These work ok.  As long as Ethan only pees in them, you can keep using the shell and just change out the insert.  I am not really interested in these diapers though.  I guess the draw is that you can also use disposable inserts in them.  However, the disposable inserts are not cheap, and if I wanted to keep throwing things away, I would just use regular disposable diapers.  Also, these are rather expensive diapers overall.

Pocket Diapers — I think these are my favorite.  They are quick and easy to use, and the top stay dry layer means Ethan’s skin stays relatively dry.  They are  easy to clean and dry relatively quickly.  The trial package included 3 pocket diapers — a Bum Genius One-Size diaper, a Fuzzibuns Perfect Fit diaper, and a Thirsties Duo diaper.  The Bum Genius diaper works well.  The problem I have with this diaper is that at 6 months and 18lbs, Ethan is already using it on the largest size.  I am afraid he will outgrow it before we get to potty training.  The Fuzzibuns diaper is my favorite.  It is super soft and fits Ethan well.  It is also sized.  He is currently in a medium, and they range all the way up to XL.  That said, it is actually larger than the Bum Genius, so it will likely fit him for longer.  However, the hope is that we will reuse the diapers for our next child, and since this one doesn’t get any smaller, it definitely won’t fit a newborn.  Fuzzibuns also makes a one-size diaper.  I actually found some on sale and ordered a couple just a little while ago.  The Thirsties diaper is ok.  It doesn’t fit as well as the Fuzzibuns diaper, but then it hasn’t leaked either.  For some reason though, I am just not very excited about the Thirsties diaper.  Though, I do like the Thirsties cover over prefolds.

So now, I need to decide what we want to do long term.  I was thinking of getting some prefolds to use around the house, and pocket diapers for when we are out and at night.  I am not sure though if it is worth the trouble, or if it would just make more sense to do all pocket diapers.  That way, I don’t have to think about which kind of diaper to use when changing him.  Then there is also the question of which pocket diaper.  Do I go with the Fuzzibuns perfect fit and just accept that at some point I will probably be buying additional sizes?  Or do I go with a one-size diaper and just live with a less than perfect fit?  Any thoughts?