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Scary Moments

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The first night after Caleb was born, neither Jeff nor I got any sleep.  Every small sound he made (or didn’t make for that matter) made us nervous.  We were afraid that if we took our eyes off him for even a few moments, something bad might happen.  We also quickly realized that we could not stay awake forever.  It was then that we first began to understand the importance of prayer as parents.  We could not possible protect this tiny baby from any harm that could ever possibly come his way.  Instead we have to trust God to protect him in the times we cannot.  We have both prayed for such protection for both our boys ever since.   In the past few weeks, God has answered our prayers clearly twice, and probably countless other times that we are not even aware of.

The first incident came a few weeks ago.  Ethan was napping in the boys room upstairs, and Caleb was downstairs with me sitting on the living room floor and eating watermelon for a snack.  Since I let Ethan nap on his stomach, I check on him periodically while he sleeps.  I was getting up to go check on Ethan, and turned to tell Caleb I would be right back.  Caleb didn’t say anything, but looked at me with panic in his eyes.  He then started frantically digging in his mouth.  It took me only a split second to realize he was choking.  I am not quite sure what happened or how long the following events lasted, but it was probably not more than a few seconds.  I asked Caleb to talked to me repeatedly, but he just kept looking at me and frantically digging.  I grabbed Caleb and started doing the Heimlich maneuver with as much force as I dared.  After some time, I finally heard a gurgling noise.  I remembered that he was probably too old for the infant method of back blows, but decided to try them anyway.  After a few blows, Caleb started coughing and then crying.  Then, finally, the watermelon came out and onto the floor.  Both Caleb and I sat on the floor crying for a little while.  At the time I didn’t realize how scared I was, but afterward I was shaking.

Then, last week we were staying in a cabin in Lake Lure, NC with 2 other families.  We were getting ready to go hiking.  I was looking at possible trails in a book and holding Ethan.  Jeff was in our room packing things.  I thought Caleb was with Jeff, and Jeff thought he had come back out to the living room with me.  All of the sudden, we heard banging down the stairs, and I looked up to see a mess of hands, feet, limbs, etc tumbling down the stairs.  Our friend Lynnetta was standing at the bottom of the stairs and started screaming.  Since their family was staying in the loft, I assumed it was one of her children (who are 4, 7, and 10 years old.)  Then just has he hit the bottom of the stairs, I realized that it was Caleb!  I started screaming.  I have been afraid of stairs ever since he became mobile over a year ago, and this was a long straight flight of unfinished wood stairs.  I ran to him.  I must have put Ethan down somewhere.  He was crying, and I just held him for a while, unsure of what had happened.  I asked him where he was hurting, but he just kept crying.  After a bit I asked him if he wanted chocolate.  He stopped crying and said “I need chocolate.”  After he calmed down, we looked him over and had him move around.  He was fine.  He only had one small scratch on his forehead.  Jeff and I were a mess.  We had been so scared!  And also felt we should have protected him better!

Caleb later told us he went upstairs with Sabrina, who is 4.  Then he came back to the stairs because he wanted to sit down on them.  I am really not sure how he got all the way up the stairs without anyone noticing!

In both cases, the outcome could have been much more horrifying.  We thank God that He answered our prayers and protected our little boy.  I am sure that we will continue to need his protection in the future, and I will continue to pray for it!