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2 Year and 4 Month updates

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

This past Monday we went to the doctor for Caleb’s 2 year and Ethan’s 4 month check up.  It is nice that they will do both kids at one time.

The doctor walked into the room, took one look at Ethan and said, “There is no way you are Caleb’s little brother.  Caleb never looked like that!”  This from the doctor that constantly reminds me not to compare my children!

Both boys are growing well.  Caleb was 26lb and 35 inches tall.  The most exciting part for him was that he now gets to stand on the big boy scale to get weighed.  No more getting undressed and sitting on the baby scale.  This puts Caleb in the 30th percentile for weight, and 70th for height.  I don’t remember what his head circumference was, but it was 90th percentile.  This was not shocking to us ;)  Ethan weighed in at 16lb 8oz and was 26.25 inches long.  He is still a big baby.  We forgot to get the percentiles from the doctor for him.  I should find the charts online and look it up.

The doctor said everyone looked healthy.  They are growing well, and everyones ears have cleared up!  Let hope we all stay healthy for a while!

Caleb is 2!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

This past week Caleb had his 2nd birthday.  Sometimes it is hard for me to believe he is already 2 years old.  Other times I can’t believe that we have only been parents for 2 years!

Last year, for his first birthday, we rented a park pavilion and had a big party there.  It was a ton of work getting everything over to the park and then cleaning up afterward.  This time we decided to invite fewer people, and just have a cookout at our town house.  I think this was a great decision, and a good time was had by all.

Five of Caleb’s friends came and brought their families along.  The kids mainly played with the sand table, balls, and riding toys outside.  The Dads hung out, chatted, and grilled.  Many of the Moms spent time inside visiting and nursing the new siblings.  The funniest part of the party came after all the toddlers had cake and ice cream.  One of the dads decided to take them on a wagon ride around the parking area.   They weren’t far outside the gate, when the kids started climbing out of the wagon and running off in every direction.  The poor dad was frantically trying to keep track of all of them.  Apparently the sugar had hit them all at the same time.  The next hour or so, the kids all ran along the sidewalks and grassy areas like wild men!

I think Caleb had a pretty good time.  That night he fell asleep singing happy birthday to himself!

(We are having issues with the gallery, but I hope to have pictures up soon.)