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Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I just realized that we were only allowing users who were logged in to leave comments on our blog. Jeff and I are the only ones that have usernames to log in with. That must be why we had no comments, as I am sure we have TONS of readers. ;) I have fixed this, so everyone can feel free to comment now.

Two Month Update

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

I keep meaning to blog more about our daily life, but I never seem to find the time.  So here we are another month gone by since the last update.

Last Friday was Ethan’s 2 month check up.  The doctor confirmed that he is infact growing like crazy.  He weighed in at 13lb 6oz and was a whopping 24.5 inches long.  That put him in the 90th percentile for weight and 95th for height.  I don’t remember his head measurement, but I remember it put him in the 80th percentile.  So he is an all around big baby!  The only issue of concern at his check up was his skin.  I had asked before if maybe the redness/dryness on his face was a reaction to something, but had been assured that it was just baby acne.  The doctor this time though, said it looked like a contact rash, so we have switched Ethan’s soap and stopped using dryer sheets.  If that doesn’t clear it up, I am going to start using Dreft detergent to wash all of our clothes.

In the last month, Ethan went through a big growth spurt (as if that wasn’t evident by his stats.)  Other than a lot of physical growth, this meant that we had quite a few fussy days.  Since about 8 weeks though, he has been a pretty happy little man.  He finally started spacing out his nursing sessions to about every 2 hours.  Last Sunday he actually went 3 hours between feedings while we were at church.  This means I was able to take communion and listen to a sermon for the first time since he was born.  He is also generally laid back.  He loves to sit in his bouncy chair and talk with us and smile.  He especially loves to watch his big brother Caleb.

Caleb in return has also become quite interested in Ethan.  He frequently talks to him and pats him.  Today he even asked to hold him a few times.  The other day Ethan was asleep in the wrap, and Caleb couldn’t find him.  He ran all over the house calling Ethan’s name until I assured him that Ethan was safe with me.  I think they are going to be good buddies. :)

Caleb also got a big boy bed last week.  The Hammer’s had a set of solid wood bunk beds that they were no longer using, and asked if we wanted them.  We figured that it would be a while before the boys were ready for them, but that we would need them in the future.  Rather than pay for storage, we decided to set up one bed in Caleb’s room.  (The second bed is stored under/behind this bed.)  When I went to put Caleb to bed that night, he cried, which he never does at bed time.  When I asked him what was wrong, he said he wanted to sleep in the “big boy crib.”  I was hesitant because we didn’t have rails other than the small safety rail meant to keep kids from rolling off the top bunk.  I didn’t want to discourage him though, so I put on the safety rails and put a big pillow next to the edge of the bed.  Caleb slept in the bed that night and every night and nap since with no issues.  The next day I went out and bought a set of toddler rails.  Then last weekend we went to Ikea, and Caleb picked out a comforter with cars and trucks on it.  That was probably the easiest transition we will ever make.  Now the crib is free for Ethan whenever he wants to start sleeping through the night, and I am ready for that too!