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One Month Update

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Ethan is already a month old!  Really a month plus a week by the time I am writing this post.  We went to the doctor last week for his 1 month check up.  He weighed in at 10lb 2oz and was 23 inches long.  That puts him at 60% for weight and 95% for height.  I was really surprised that he was only 60% for weight.  He seems like such a chubby baby to me, but all I have to compare it to is Caleb.  The doctor said he is a pretty big baby, but not really fat.  He is doing well, and still eating often.  He is maybe starting to nurse a little less frequently, though I hate to say that lest I jinx myself.  He is still a little yellow.  They tested his billirubin, and it is still decreasing.  The doctor said I must just be one of the lucky rare women that have an element in their breast milk that increases billirubin.  Yea!

Ethan is starting to look around more at his surroundings, and even smile a little.  The  smiles are too brief and unpredictable to capture on camera, though.

Caleb is still not too sure about Mommy giving so much attention to this new guy, but he is getting better.  We recently discovered that 2 of his 2 year old molars have come in, so that could explain some of the bad days.  He is more excited about helping me with Ethan though, and he occasionally talks to him.  Caleb often says “It’s okay” and “I know” to Ethan when he is crying.


We have been trying to make sure that we praise Caleb often for good behavior, and in return for our efforts, Caleb also praises us.  I swept the floor the other day, and Caleb excitedly exclaimed, “Good boy, Mommy!”  Also when Jeff correctly repeats what Caleb is saying, Caleb replies with “Yeah!  Good!”  It cracks us up.

2 Week Update

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

It is amazing how different two brothers can be from the start!  Not only do they look very different, but the differences in temperament and personality are already beginning to show.

Like Caleb, Ethan was very jaundice by the time he made his first visit to the doctors office.  Thus, we once again had the “pleasure” of having a bili-blanket delivered to our home.  Unlike Caleb though, Ethan really didn’t seem to mind being wrapped in the glow worm blanket.  Mom and Dad were more bothered by it than Ethan was.  Since he had to be plugged in all the time, it really limited what we could do — really someone had to be holding him next to an outlet at all times.  After 5 days though, his bilirubin levels were declared low enough to stop using the blanket.

While all this was going on, we had to take him to the doctor every other day.  The amazing thing for me to see was that he was gaining 3 oz every 2 days!  Caleb had trouble gaining weight in the beginning, and didn’t make it back to his birth weight, until he was 3 weeks old.  At Ethan’s 2 week check up, he weighed 8lb 7.5 oz — almost 4 oz over his birth weight!  Granted, at his 2 week check up, he was actually 16 days old.  Caleb didn’t weigh that much until he was 5 or 6 weeks old.  He was also, 22 inches long — 2 inches longer than at birth.  This put him in the 50th percentile for weight and 85th for length.

Ethan also seems to be a much calmer newborn than Caleb was.  Ethan only seems to get fussy when he wants to eat, and is often content to just sit in his bouncy chair and look around!  He does want to eat for hours on end though!

It will be interesting to see how they are similar and different as they both continue to grow!