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Caleb turns one!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve updated this page, and little baby Caleb is now a year old! As you can imagine, he’s changed a lot in the last six months. He’s gone from eating a little baby cereal to pretty much everything we eat (in smaller pieces, of course). He had a three-week bout with multiple ear infections around nine months and actually lost weight, but he’s come roaring back with his newfound appetite and just about made up for it in the last month. At his one-year appointment, he weighed 20lb, 5oz, was 31-1/4 inches long. That’s 20th and 90th percentile, respectively (and his head size is 95th!) So, as we already knew, he’s really tall and a relative lightweight (no change there). But if you compare him now to pictures from just a few months ago, he’s definitely starting to pack on a little chub.

Caleb’s a master crawler these days, pulling up (and often climbing) on just about everything, and walking while holding our hands. He loves bikes and going for rides in his new bike seat (though he’s not a huge fan of the helmet) and going for walks in the stroller. When he’s not strapped into a seat somewhere, the boy does not stop moving! It’s no wonder he can’t gain weight quickly–he’s about as active as any baby his age…all the time! He’s learning more words every day, though “elbow” is his favorite by far (he’s quick to show you where it is, too). We had a birthday party/cookout at the park, and while he did seem to enjoy the cake, balloons are definitely the highlight of any birthday celebration. All in all, he’s a pretty happy little boy–a big eater and good sleeper who loves to play and explore and learn. Mom and dad are very proud and happy!