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Half a year already!

Friday, October 24th, 2008

It’s hard to believe, but Caleb is now 6 months old! The latest stats show he has reverted a bit. He weighed 16lb, 4oz and was 27 1/2″ tall, which means he’s “only” in the 90th percentile in height (down from 97!), but he’s back down to 25th for weight. He’s been eating cereal (oatmeal) for over a week now and sweet potatoes for the last few days. The doctor said that’s good…but don’t stop until he’s full! He’s definitely strong and healthy, but apparently it wouldn’t hurt him to chub up a bit. So Jill’s been stuffing him as full as possible, with the most obvious result so far being an increase in spitting up. Oh, well.

Overall he’s doing well–sleeping fairly well at night and napping longer (though less often). He’s still pretty high-strung a lot of the time, though, which looks to be a pretty fundamental part of his personality. So we’re just getting used to it. Just like his parents, Caleb enjoys the outdoors: he loves the pool, the beach, and the baby swings at the park. He still seems to be getting closer to crawling–we’ll find him up on all fours occasionally in his crib (and there’s a video of him doing it as well, with a little help from the couch). He has two teeth so far, though it looks like one or two on top might be getting close. Also, it’s looking more and more like those big blue eyes are here to stay. We’re still putting up pictures all of the time, so definitely check them out!