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Four-month update

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

The latest figures are in! After my 4-month checkup, I’m 14lb, 8.5oz (finally up to 50th percentile!) and a whopping 27″ long (over 97th percentile . . . almost off the chart!) Aside from a cold a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been strong and healthy.

One of my favorite things lately is standing up (with Mom or Dad helping me balance, of course). I’m not crawling yet, but I can roll (including back-to-front now) and squirm enough to move around on my playmat and my crib. Oh, and I’ve discovered how to talk more loudly. I practice that all day long (much to Mom’s delight). I still love playing with all my toys, and I’m really into reading books now, too (well, Mom and Dad do most of the actual reading, but I pay attention pretty well). In case you haven’t heard it from them directly, Mom and Dad are awfully proud of me!

And as always, don’t forget to keep checking for new pictures and videos!

- Caleb