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Two-month update

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Today (June 23) was my two-month appointment. I really started pouring on the pounds (ok, ounces) over the last month. I now weigh 10 pounds, 9 1/2 ounces, and I’m 23 1/2 inches tall (that’s right, almost two whole feet!) Mom and Dad are happy because I’ve been sleeping a 6-7 hour block most nights lately. The last few weeks have been pretty good all around, really . . . and there are lots of pictures to check out, if you haven’t already. The only downside . . . I had to start immunizations today. That wasn’t so good. But mom and dad are spreading them out a little, so I only had one shot today. Thanks guys!

My latest favorite thing (in addition to eating and staring at the ceiling fan) is bathtime! Man, do I love a good bath! I also like to smile and “talk” a lot…occasionally at my parents. I guess that’s about it for now.

- Caleb